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 So my beautiful cousin Amy is hosting a MacMillan ‘big coffee morning’ tomorrow and Theo and I decided to do some baking! Now Theo is a huge baking fan, possibly the only toddler I know who enjoys watching ‘The Great British Bakeoff’. One of his favourite things to play with are  those character baking kits that you can buy from Tesco – particularly Peppa Pig. They are super simple to use, you literally chuck in some eggs and some water and voila – buns. It keeps him busy so that his attention isn’t on my buns and they don’t all end up eaten before we can deliver then anywhere! This is a picture if Theo the last time we did this. I always use this super simple recipe for lemon cupcakes.

Cupcakes – 

150g of softened butter

150g of caster sugar

3 medium eggs

125g of self raising flour

2 tbsp of milk

2 lemons

Frosting – 

175g of softened butter

350g of icing sugar

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees.
Beat the butter and the sugar until fluffy, then eggs, flour, milk, the zest of the two lemons and the juice of half a lemon. Mix everything until it’s smooth. I use I piping bag (less mess) to fill the cupcake cases 1/3 full, then in the oven for 15 mins.

While they are cooking, make the icing by whisking the butter then adding the icing sugar and juice of a lemon. Once the cakes are cool, pipe on the icing and your done! 

I found some really cute cases and boxes in one of the bargain shops, they are great for things like this. Happy Baking!

Kylee x

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