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Autum Fair..

 Hurray! My favourite things all combined, Autumn, craft fair, food stalls, walking and my boys! Headed up today to Mount Stewart’s Autumn fair, really making the most out of the National Trust membership! It was a great day for it! I love this place, there is so much to see and it is stunning in every season! It’s pretty close as well which is great when your travelling with a teeny backseat driver!

gates to the formal garden

We started with a tour of the house… it’s stunning! I’m a huge Downton fan, so I swished about a bit pretending to be Lady Mary (and preventing Theo from wrecking the place). It’s full of gorgeous things to look at and there were lovely guides in each room who gave us a lot of info and were brill with Theo! He had a ball looking for the glass elephant and I now need a chandelier in the shape of a ship! I love that Lady Rose Lauritzen still lives there.. it must be wonderful to call it home!

stunning hallway

We had a walk in the lovely formal gardens and a coffee on the big red bus then went for a walk around the lake, it really is so beautiful, literally you would never get bored, it looks so different every time you visit and you always notice something that you haven’t seen before. It’s got tons of space for little ones to charge about and it’s dog friendly!


The fair was really great, amazing soaps, chutney, cheeses, sweets and cupcakes! We had to treat ourselves to a few! Met a lovely guy from ‘Sprinkles and Crumbs’ and just had to get some cupcakes for our picnic. Absolutely gorgeous and we ate them all! You can visit him in St Georges in Belfast on Fridays… do it, you know you want to! Lemon meringue… dreamy!


Sprinkles and Crumbs
 I love days like this out with my boys, I love discovering things all over again with Theo. He sees things that I wouldn’t notice, finds joy in the simplest of things and genuinely makes me laugh. It’s fun to see how excited he gets over things like feeding the ducks, climbing a tree or looking for the perfect leaf to give me. I’ve learned so much from him over the last couple of months, life might be easier if you lived like a toddler.. seriously! The to hell with it attitude that they have might translate well to adult life! Spontaneously busting into song because you feel like it, getting to know strangers, telling people how much you like their dog, dancing in public when you get excited, saying ‘I love you’ whenever the feeling pops into your head… I could see how that could make all our lives much more interesting! He’s been a little bit miserable this week so I am delighted to have my lovely lively boy back.

Kylee x


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