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Give your heart away..

We often ‘metaphorically’ talk about giving our heart away (yes George Michael I’m talking about you) but it’s a phrase that works very well to describe a feeling. That feeling that a piece of you is with someone else, you have willingly handed it over, and left a space within you for them to fill.

Sometimes people literally pop into out lives and we immediately give them our heart. I remember when I first saw Theo, my heart was his before he’d even opened his eyes. Sometimes people are in our lives for a while, and gradually we become more fond of them, and eventually hand over our heart. Sometimes we give it away hastily, to people who don’t deserve it, and we receive it back battered and bruised. It makes it harder for us to give it away again.

Sometimes, we totally trust the people who hold our hearts, never doubting that we have theirs in return. Sometimes it’s an uneasy feeling, like you don’t quite believe that they are looking after it properly. When someone holds our heart we worry about them, when they hurt, our heart hurts too. Its a big deal.

These things are all true, about the giving and receiving of metaphorical hearts… but what about real hearts. The real, live, working, beating heart. I’ve been watching Gift of Life, on channel 5, it’s a programme that hits close to home with me, as I work in a Dialysis Unit. Myself and my colleagues watch people waiting. Day in, day out. Mums, Dads, Granny’s, Grandads, Husbands, Wives, waiting. We’ve watched people die waiting. All waiting to regain their life, their independence, their health their strength. Waiting for someone, to give them literally  ‘The Gift of Life’.

I’d like to think, that when my heart is done, done working to keep me alive and done loving all the people that I have in my life, that I could give it to someone else. That they could go on living and have the opportunity to continue loving all the people that they have in theirs. 

I think in life, there is no greater gift that you could give, than the gift of unconditional love. I think in death, there is no greater gift you could give, than the gift of life.

Kylee x

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