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Pancake Day Crepes..

Just thought I’d share this super, never fail recipe for crepes. We normally prefer the little fluffy pancakes (that I’ve shared before) but Mr M requested ‘skinny ones’ for Pancake Tuesday, so here they are.


You’ll need : 

I cup of flour

1/2 cup milk

1/2 cup water

2 eggs

A little butter (for the pan)

Simply pop it all in a bowl, give it a quick mix, whisk until it’s smooth and you’ve got your batter. Heat up the pan and grease it with a little butter. Spoon in a ladle of batter and spread around the pan.  Flip after 30 seconds. This makes about 8 crepes.


Theo and I love ours with Nutella and bannana (yum) and Mr M prefers his with lemon and sugar. The possibilities are endless! Enjoy!


Kylee x

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