Being Mrs

A little space..

There’s a little space where you used to be. No presence in the room when I went in to open the curtains this morning. No eager ears popping up for a cuddle. No little feet stamping for attention when I got home from being out. No need to light the lamp in the spare room for you. You’ve been my mascot for eight years… and now your really gone.

You may have only left a little space in the world but its a big space for me. Through career changes, our engagement, bereavements, buying our first home, our wedding, having Theo, getting cancer… you were there. A little constant in the corner. 


You didn’t do anything.. in fact in 8 years I had never even heard you make a noise, yet your presence was known. You had become as important to Theo as you were to me, and it was a pleasure watching him take care of you. It feels so wrong that as we are getting ready to move to our new home, that we’ll be going without you.

Thanks for the memories wee man.. for the comfort, for the cuddles and for those giant listening ears. You may have been ‘just’ a rabbit, but to me you were a friend. I’ll keep your lamp lit for you darling.

Kylee x

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