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Monkey see, monkey do..

A few nights ago when I was putting Theo to bed, we were going through our usual bedtime ritual which includes teeth brushing. He was there on his little stool brushing away and I thought I’d do my teeth too. I was merrily brushing at the mirror and suddenly I noticed that he was copying me exactly. Whenever I moved from top to bottom, so did he. I spat, he spat. I rinsed, he rinsed. It just seemed to come naturally to him to do as I did. I got to thinking about how much he sees, how much he takes on board, how much he copies.

Is it the good things, like being kind to animals, being neat and tidy, looking after your friends? Or is it the bad things, like frustration at having to wait, buying way to much crap or being able to give a look that would sour milk? Or is it a combination of both?

I’d like to say I set a great example for Theo, but in reality I’m not Mary Poppins. I do the best I can with what I have. In the last year we’ve lost three much loved family members, a very precious pet, Mr M has changed job twice, we’ve moved house and… I had cancer. So really I have had ample opportunity to display all of my worst qualities, and I have, a lot.

I hope in the middle of the shit storm that has been this year that he’s managed to see some of my good qualities too, and I hope he’ll take as many, if not more of those on than the bad ones. It’s easy to forget that little eyes are always watching and it’s been such a thunderbolt to me that now not only are they watching, but they are also recreating! 

I feel like at the end of the day, as long as we do our best it will do our children no harm to see a little of our not so prefect side every now and again… although I will definitely regret saying that the next time he shoots me one of MY famous dirty looks!

Kylee x

1 thought on “Monkey see, monkey do..”

  1. Lovely post. Although it seems like you’ve been through an awful lot recently. Hope things are improving for you!?
    I agree, they see and they copy, much more than we realise. And I consciously make an effort to say the right thing and show kindness etc…… When I remember! After all, we are human! My children see me crack under pressure, lose my temper and argue with my husband. And I think it’s relatively ok, as long as it’s accompanied later with an apology, either to them if I lost patience with them or to my husband. My husband and I apologise to each other in front of our girls and I think it’s good for them to see.
    It sounds like you’re doing it anyway, but keep on smiling and your little boy will smile back.
    Thanks for the read. 🙂 xx

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