Being Mummy

Slow down..

A few nights ago, I went along to the nursery school that Theo will be starting in September. As I sat there (on an incredibly tiny chair) I couldn’t quite believe that this time was coming already. That in September I’ll have to send him off every day and he’ll do things and see things and learn things without me. I’m not quite sure I’m ready.

I genuinely love our mornings together, it’s honestly my favourite thing in the world. Whether we are pottering around the house, adventuring on a walk up the hill or to the shop, cuddling in front of the TV or out having fun with friends, I feel like they are precious. It’s our special time together… and 3 and a bit years just isn’t enough. 

I know it’s only nursery, but there is something about him starting somewhere formal that makes me feel like he won’t ever be 100% mine again. He’ll be entering a world of playground politics, friendship make ups and break ups, learning about the world from other people, and I know he’ll love it. It’s me I’m worried about!

Time marches on and as much as I’d love to have been able to bottle those first big smiles and wobbly steps, buggies and tiny nappies, first words and ‘the boob years’ I couldn’t, it’s all passed. I know that I can’t bottle his current cheeky face or high pitched squeals, his funny stories and his little feet and that one day, much sooner than I’d like, all that will have passed too. The only thing I can do is live in the now and squeeze every bit of attitude filled hilariousness from him that I can.

Each day we have with the ones we love is precious and special in its own way, and as much as I’m sad when he leaves a stage behind, I am so happy and excited to see what the next stage will bring. I go to bed each night knowing that these days, right now, with my little family, will be the happiest days of my life – and I plan to enjoy every minute of them and make memories to last me a lifetime.

Kylee x

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