Being Mummy

Goodbye Three…

Tonight I put a three year old to bed for the last time. I can’t believe how fast time has gone! It feels like the blink of an eye since I put a two year old to bed for the last time. I remember so clearly doing this last year – your little room, your little pyjamas, your little face. So much has changed around us in a year but yet nothing has changed between us. 

We are in a different house so I looked around a different little room, with some old friends (bun the rabbit still dutifully waiting on the pillow) and some new (Peter Pan and Danny the Dinosaur). You didn’t need me to put on your pyjamas like you did last year, you can do it yourself now but you still wanted me to lie beside you so you could twiddle my hair while we sing the goodnight song together. I lay and listened to all the weird and wonderful things that you always suddenly remember that you need to tell me at bedtime and I felt so lucky to be here with you.

It has been another rollercoaster of a year with such highs and such lows, but through it all you have remained constant. We have lost people that we love. We have lost our little pet. You have started nursery and we have moved to our new house, all huge adjustments for someone so little but have also made some magical memories. The look on your face when we met Peter Pan in Disney Land, you dancing up a storm at your party and everything that you were able to to for the first time ‘all by your self’!

You have brought joy in those times of sadness, comfort in times of fear and hope on the very darkest of days. We are so lucky to know you and even luckier to call you our own. Time is passing much too quickly and I wish that I could bottle every goofy laugh and funny face. What a wonderful thing it is to have you. 

So goodnight and goodbye my little three year old. I have loved every moment with you this last year and these are the moments that I love the most. A quiet house, just you and I, hearing all that it is to be you and looking forward to every precious day ahead with you my darling. ‘To infinity and beyond’.

Kylee x

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