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Being Mummy

Monkey see, monkey do..

A few nights ago when I was putting Theo to bed, we were going through our usual bedtime ritual which includes teeth brushing. He was there on his little stool brushing away and I thought I'd do my teeth too. I was merrily brushing at the mirror and suddenly I noticed that he was copying… Continue reading Monkey see, monkey do..


The sky is falling..

This day last year.. I thought my life was over. At 29 years old I had just found out I had cancer. I thought it was the end, but I was wrong. It was only the beginning.  The beginning of the most difficult year of my life.  I had it all in front of me.… Continue reading The sky is falling..


What was I saying..

My memory is shot to hell... like seriously. I cannot remember a thing.. or can I?! It's like everything is foggy all the time. My iPhone is a testament to this as I have about 40,000 bizarre notes that say things like 'curtains' or 'dog' that I've typed to remind myself of something for later,… Continue reading What was I saying..

Being Mrs


The word butterflies sounds so pretty, immediately images spring to mind of flowers, fluttery wings, sunshine... the feeling of butterflies is totally different. We've all had it. It's that swirly feeling in your stomach, cold doubt around your heart and tightness in your chest. I'm someone who feels butterflies quite a lot Am I good… Continue reading Butterflies..

At Home

Pancake Day Crepes..

Just thought I'd share this super, never fail recipe for crepes. We normally prefer the little fluffy pancakes (that I've shared before) but Mr M requested 'skinny ones' for Pancake Tuesday, so here they are.       You'll need :  I cup of flour 1/2 cup milk 1/2 cup water 2 eggs A little butter… Continue reading Pancake Day Crepes..