Being Mummy

Goodbye Three…

Tonight I put a three year old to bed for the last time. I can't believe how fast time has gone! It feels like the blink of an eye since I put a two year old to bed for the last time. I remember so clearly doing this last year - your little room, your… Continue reading Goodbye Three…

Being Mummy

Little Lies..

I'm always telling Theo not to tell lies, to my knowledge he has never lied to me (either he's REALLY good at it or he hasn't figured out how yet). Mr M and I were discussing what to do if he ever tells a lie, we're planning on going down the 'we'll be crosser at… Continue reading Little Lies..

At Home

Christmas prep..

Theo had nursery this morning, so I thought I'd use the time to chill out and get myself a little bit more organised for Christmas. I can actually see again following yesterday's 'eye casualty' visit which is always useful when baking. These are a super cheat mince pie recipe, which always go down a treat.… Continue reading Christmas prep..

Being Mummy

Little yellow wellies..

In 3 weeks, Theo will be 3. I can't believe it! 3. People say time flies when your having fun.. and I must have been having the the of my life, because the last 3 years have flown by. Last Christmas, I bought him a little pair of yellow wellies, from Mothercare, and they have… Continue reading Little yellow wellies..


The man who bangs the table..

Theo is terrified of 'the man who bangs the table'. When he hears him, he freezes, eyes wide and immediately grabs my hand. When we are out and about, if he hears a banging noise, he immediately reaches for me, and whispers 'the man, banging the table'. Its his biggest fear. The man who bangs… Continue reading The man who bangs the table..

At Home


      We were lucky to escape so far... but we've been hit. I imagine Theo and his lack of respect for the personal space of other children is the one to blame. As he spends the vast majority of his life kissing me, licking me, shoving his fingers into my mouth and smushing my… Continue reading Cold..

At Home

Autum Fair..

 Hurray! My favourite things all combined, Autumn, craft fair, food stalls, walking and my boys! Headed up today to Mount Stewart's Autumn fair, really making the most out of the National Trust membership! It was a great day for it! I love this place, there is so much to see and it is stunning in… Continue reading Autum Fair..