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My month.. January 

So as a change of pace I thought that I’d do a run down of stuff that’s big in my little world each month. So here we go for January..

I’m using – Frank Body scrub, literally this is life changing. Comes in the cutest packaging (complete this time with sexy shower cap) and is basically like coffee grounds with a gorgeous orange scent. You shower, step out of the water, scrub your face and body (you only need a tiny amount), wait a few minutes then rinse. It’s like having brand new skin! Its vegan and made from all natural ingredients, it’s even gentle enough to use on my surgery scar, and I’ve noticed a big improvement in it. 

Get it here –


I’m wearing – Mother jumper in ‘winter red’ from Selfish Mother. I’m embracing sweater season and I have been snug as a bug this month in this beauty. All profits from the sale of these sweaters go to the charity ‘women for women international’, which is a wonderful cause helping women in war torn countries.

Get it here –


I’m buying – Tons of the worlds cutest Marshmallows from Cookies and Fluff. These are the most adorable little mallows that come with a biscuit in all sorts of yummy flavours. You can even send them direct to a friend with a little stamped card. Obviously had to order some for myself and I am ALL about these marshmallows! Yum-yum!

Get them here –



I’m doing – Plotting a house move. We’ve outgrown our little love nest and I need more space to store my vast array of dishes while Mr M is pining for a garage. Our place is up for sale and we’ve had plenty of viewers, just got to find somewhere to go! Theo’s really enjoying the viewers coming through, he asks every day if more ‘friends’ are coming!

I’m thinking – About turning 30! February the 17th will be here before I know it. I honestly remember my 21st like it was yesterday, I felt like a proper grown up. Now suddenly I’m 30 in 3 weeks and will be a proper PROPER grown up! I’m a little behind where I’d aimed to be at 30 but feeling so grateful that my health is improving and I can look forward to a better year than the last one! January has flown by, and February is looking very exciting!

Kylee x

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